I think I’ve decided on a school!

It would appear that  I have a good chance at being accepted into the Vancouver Film School. Its a collection of one year programs, and even the initial foundation program is enough to put on a resume for a good job. I think I’m gonna talk to my parents, see if we can make it work financially, and then maybe I’ll do a couple years time. 

On the homefront, I’m so unmotivated to clean up our house. I mean, I have lots of motivation, I just can’t bring myself to touch this awful mess. I’ll get around to it tonight hopefully. Later suckas.


Long Overdue News

Well, I got hired by Rogers Video today. As of this coming monday, I work two jobs! Whoop-de-freaking-doo! I’ve been talking about doing that for ages, and its just something I’ve never had to do. I still don’t HAVE to, but I’d like to. And a little extra cash in my pocket would be peachy. Plus, lets be honest. Its a fucking movie store. Can you say “LIFE ON EASY STREET”? I’ve had bowel movements that were probably harder than working for Rogers Video. 

Still, I’m gonna be one busy boy. At least I’ll save money on movie rentals. They rent out porn at Rogers too, right?



PARENTAL UNITS APPROACHING! TAKE EVASIVE MANEUVERS!! What’s that? They’re stopping at Costco first? Oh…well…as long as you’re there, we could use a few things! Mmm…free food is the best! 

For those of you who havn’t noticed yet, Lisa put up pictures of our place! Check out her blog, it’s f-in awesome.


Martini Night.

Thats right, you know what that means? LETS GET PISSED.

Alright, so Lisa and I decided to have our first “night out”. It lasted about an hour, and we went to a little restraunt/bar called Central. It also happens to be the place I’m washing dishes for. We dropped in for $5 martini night and had a gay old time. I mean that in the most illiteral sense. As in, there was no gayness going on. Only sweet, sweet martinis. 

For those who don’t get it, a martini is made of: alcohol, alcohol, sometimes a little more alcohol, and sometimes even more alcohol! We also picked up 3.5 litres of wine for dinner and post-martini drinking, so you can imagine how much fun we’re having now. You know how hungry you get at a bar though, so we had to clear up our martini bill and head home. We ate souvlaki chicken sandwiches and listened to some good ol’ tunes while we drank our wine. 

I found out that my parents are in Kamloops right now, about two hours away. FUN FACT: I WAS BORN IN KAMLOOPS! If you knew that, add a comment, and I’ll buy you a $5 martini when you come and visit me (make sure it’s on a monday). So, them and my younger, stupider siblings will be here in a couple of days to entertain me with their company. They get here on “Wino Night” at central, I’m gonna drag my dad to work with me, he’s a character.

Anywho, thats enough rambling for now, I’ll let you all get along. GIT ALONG. Love to all my friends back home.


Jobs, sushi, and turkey sandwiches.

What a loooong hunt today. We left our place at around 11:30 a.m., and didn’t get home till 4:30 p.m. What happened in between? Well, Lisa got talked into taking a job she wasn’t really sure she wanted(see her blog), and I dropped off resumes at a couple of restaurants. Specifically, The Keg and this locally renowned seafood restaurant Joe Fortes. I got an interview at The Keg and they pretty much told me that I had no chance of becoming a server there anytime soon, but I could start as soon as I wanted as a busser and a dishwasher and work my way up. Thing is, I need some fresh new threads to work front of house(which is what I want) but I have NO money for that kind of thing. Hmmm…

Joe Fortes on the other hand seemed like a waste of resume. I just got that vibe. I also have an interview tomorrow morning at the Cactus Club for a position in the kitchen, so I’m gonna see how that unfolds before I make any decisions. However, on the very bright side, I do have a job now, though hopefully I can find something else soon…I start dishwashing tomorrow at a hip little independent restaurant about 5 minutes away from our place. Thats tomorrow night at 5, but I’m going to head to granville island sometime in the middle of the day and hand out resumes there. Thats where Lisa is going to school! It would be sweet if I could score a job there.

Anyways, on our way home tonight we stopped at Sakara Sushi for this sweet deal…are you ready for this? $6.95 for 18 pieces of sushi and a bowl of miso soup! Back in sucker-town that gets you 6 pieces of maki at Tokyo Express. It was so awesome, and I had the best piece of fatty tuna sushi I’ve ever had…*drool*.

We got home around 4:20, and just PASSED OUT. Seriously, we slept for about three hours. We were exhausted. I woke up around 7:20 to Lisa in the kitchen cooking dinner. We had delicious cucumber salad, and turkey sandwiches. It was so good in fact, I’ve decided it needs its own blog entry. Check back soon for more on that! Right now, I have to take care of the dishes said meal created. 



Party all the time!

Errr…I wish. More like “LOOKING FOR A JOB ALL THE TIME!”  But in all fairness I’ve been having a wicked last few days.

The pride parade on saturday was wild. I can’t believe how gay my neighborhood is, and I mean that in the best possible way. It put any other parade I’ve ever seen to shame, seeing as it started at noon and wasn’t even close to done when we stopped watching two hours later. Did I mention that this parade was about two blocks away from my place? The parade itself was mediocre, but the best floats were the ones for the gay bars. Dudes with bodies that they had to work for, and chicks of all shapes and sizes, all dancing away in their underwear to hardcore techno music. One wicked float was done up like it was a 50’s milkshake diners, and they had a live band playing ska/rock on it!

So that was sunday, my second day here. Monday was fairly uneventful, we had a tearful goodbye with lisa’s family and Alysha, and then the job hunt started. I started off locally, sticking to Davie St. (the street my apartment is on).  Dropped off a three resumes: at a restaurant, a sex toy store, and a headshop. The sex toy shop had this fat chick working at the counter….oh man. I mean, I’m a nice guy right? She just was not impressed at all, and didn’t even want to tell me her name. Just a a straight up bitch.  I went in, dropped off the resume and talked myself up, and she hands me this application form.

“Do you have experience with sex toys?”

“Ummm….yes? I don’t know, minimal I guess.” Then she asks me if I could catch a thief. I’m thinking to myself “Could you?”

She wasn’t really having any of it, so I don’t think I have a job there. Oh well. I went to the headshop across the street to drop off a resume, and the girl working there was really nice. She told me to come back in a couple hours and talk to the owner. Unfortunately, I found  upon returning that they had JUST filled a position. Damn, that would have been wicked! Lisa and I ate dinner, started to watch “ATHF: Colon Movie for Theatres for DVD”, and passed out on the couch. 

I woke up early again this morning, printed off some more resumes, and hit the streets while lisa was still pullin’ up her pants(kidding, really). Today I went a little further than two blocks east and west. I headed down the street that I watched the pride parade on. I found a independent movie store (if you know anything about me you’ll understand), but not much else. A kitchen+eurobar that was looking for a dishwasher, which I’ll take if not only for the time being. Work is work, I’m on my last 100ish dollars… anyways, I followed this street all the way down to Robson which is like the Whyte Ave of Vancouver… except, the street I live on is a hundred times cooler than Whyte, and Robson is a hundred times cooler than the street I live on. So ya, I walked on down this Robson St. and found a cuban cigar shop! The name of the owner was Mo, and he was super friendly. He sells glass pipes, and all sorts of unique gift shop goodies, at seriously one third of the price you could find this stuff for in Edmonton. I said my good byes and carried on, and soon stumbled on a restraunt called “Cactus Club”. Alright, forget the unbelievably hot waitress who gave me the application form, the girl who interviewed me(thats right, interview right off the bat) was from Saskatchewan(where both my parents are from)! She told me that even if I couldn’t get a job as a server, the kitchen was ALWAYS hiring. Wicked, guaranteed job. I still really hope I get the serving job, it’s a pretty  high class dining place, and she said that they don’t care if I have no experience. 

So, for all of you who waded through that mess of a post, I’ll let you in on a little secret….I’ve had a bottle and a half of wine with Lisa tonight. I know what you’re thinking, “How does he maintain such composure and grammatical prowess under the influence of alcohol?” The answer my friends? Steroids. Lots and lots of steroids. Peace out. Arrivederci, aloha, sayonara, later!


Let the mayhem begin!

So we drove from 4 a.m. until 3 p.m. , and factoring in the hour we traveled back in time, that makes for a solid twelve hours. Megan, Justin, and Alex all came to say goodbye to me at my parents place, and Julian was with us as we climbed into the back of the truck and drove off. 

I slept a good 6 or 7 hours of the trip, and had strange, strange dreams for the last hour of sleep. We made only a couple pit stops for gas, and the rest of the trip was straight and fast. It was amazing how quickly it went by. We pulled into the parking lot of our new apartment around 4’o’clock, and proceeded with a mad dash to fill out paperwork and jam all of our stuff into the elevators and our place as quickly as possible. 

Now how lucky are we? The first night we arrive is the finale night of a three or four day fireworks extravaganza, and the show is about five minutes away from our place. After setting a few things up we went for a walk to explore and find dinner, and found the streets out front to be filled with literally thousands of people! The roads were closed, and there was crowds in every direction as far as you could see all migrating towards the beach for the show. We toured the mayhem for a few blocks and ended up walking in a circle and stopping at the Safeway across the street from our place for sandwiches.

We ate sandwiches cheaper, more generous, and more delicious than Subway, and toasted over glasses of homemade Zinfandel, and then, just as everyone was starting to pass out where they sat, a couple of warning shots rang out into the night air, reminding us of the fireworks that would shortly begin. While some of us stayed behind and slept, most of us made our way to the beachfront for the show. We were treated to about 35 minutes of excellent fireworks, accompanied by an eclectic array of music and the sounds and smells of a large crowd: “Spark that shit up!”, “FUCK YEAH, USA, USA, USA FUCKING RULES!”

We crowd surfed all the way home (ok, only in a manner of speaking), and made our way upstairs to our crowded little hole in the wall I now call home (it’ll be cozy when it’s just Lisa and I). Upon retiring to the boudoir, we discovered we had the perfect view to the thousands of people I mentioned all fighting to get home as well. It was mind boggling and noisy, but beautiful.

Oh yeah, as most of you know we live in the heart of the second largest gay community in North America, or as Lisa calls it, “The Gayborhood”. Sometime during our second day in Van there will be a massive Pride Parade, floats and all! This is already turning out to be way too much fun!

I have a crazy day in front of me though, so I bid you farewell. Catch ya’ll on the flip side!